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The New Outlook Centre Tanzania was established by Samwel Pius, who is the director of a laboratory in Mwanama, Arusha. Many local people couldn't pay for his medical services so he started to provide these free. His own children were bringing friends home; some appeared ragged, and on asking them their circumstances it soon became apparent that they were either disadvantaged, homeless or orphaned. And so Samwel decided to help them as best he could.

NOCET is a centre for providing community care and support for these children within the Sekei Ward. Statistics available indicate that there are over two million orphans in Tanzania. Most of them have lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, accidents and other causes. Poverty is pervasive in Tanzania and with  over 55 million people [as of 2016], the country has over a third of households living below a basic needs poverty line, USD1 per adult equivalent per day. Nearly 20 % live below the even lower food poverty line.

Those we aim to support are:

>  orphaned and vulnerable children who are in extended families, are heads of households or are in the care of elderly relatives

>  community programs that focus on widows and widowers.

NOCET networks with district council, ward and village authorities, and other NGOs with similar objectives.

I am the matron of the children in full time care.
I am committed to these children, making sure they are clothed and fed, that their clothes are cleaned.
I cook, shop for the food, and care for them as if they were my own.


Being the volunteer coordinator gives me the opportunity to work with the dedicated staff of NOCET to advance and grow the orphanage. Networking is the key.


I assist Matron in the kitchen, as well as with washing and cleaning. Joyce pays me some money each month from her own salary.


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