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Sheryl and her husband visited NOCET in June 2017. They were accompanied by 5 friends, who are Loose Change sponsors. For one of them, it was a return visit. It was fantastic to see how NOCET has continued to thrive; all of the children have grown so much! We all met and spent time with the new children and staff, as well as all of the children and staff we know so well.

As a group we brought over a large quantity of donated stationery, a laptop, camera, and more adorable quilts made by the Croydon U3A Quilting Group.

A major development in 2015 has been an association between NOCET and STEP Africa, an organisation that, amongst other services, offers volunteering placements in Tanzania.

Four  ex-STEP Africa volunteers that we met in 2015 – two from Germany, one from Switzerland, and one from Austria – continue to sponsor five of the primary aged children to attend a private primary school.

A private individual supports NOCET with USD500 per month of food, which commenced in the first half of 2017.

The main priority for 2018–19 is to raise funds to commence foundations on the half acre plot of land Samwel purchased, approximately 10km from Arusha. The plan is to build housing for the orphanage, a separate Nursery school and Kindergarten building, as well as a Clinic.

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