NOCET and the
Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme

(Loose Change)

Sheryl Taylor

Founder of the Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme

As happens in life, the link between a small family-run orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania, and a small community-based charity in Melbourne, Australia, occurred quite by chance. In September 2008, during a break in a safari tour, an Australian couple – Sheryl Taylor, and her husband – took a taxi from Lake Manyara to Arusha. The only other passenger was Peter Makemo, Samwel’s nephew. During the hour-long trip, Peter outlined his future plans, and told us about the fledgeling orphanage founded by his uncle, Samwel Pius. Sheryl and Peter kept in touch through emails over the following 3 years.

After a 4 week visit to NOCET December 2011/January 2012, The Loose Change Sponsorship Scheme [Loose Change] was founded by Sheryl. During this stay, fundraising collected by Sheryl in 2011 was used to move NOCET from 2 tiny rented rooms – with no water, no electricity, shared outside toilet – to a 3 bedroom house. This house has tiled floors, glass in the windows, security bars in the windows and doors, electricity, running water, toilets and showers, a yard/garden, security enclosure and gate. It is located in a quiet, safe suburban neighbourhood, close to local shops, church, transport, the childrens' schools, as well as the founder's home. The funds also covered a month's bulk food purchases; supplies for the Nursery school; as well as reading books, globe, dictionary, atlas; and toys for the children. Can you believe prior to this, all they had was a box of bottle tops and a flat, bald soccer ball!

Loose Change is made up of over 50 sponsors. They are family, friends, work colleagues, people and community groups interested in supporting NOCET. Each sponsor is committed to AUD10+ per month, or have annual sponsorships, or give cash donations. See the DONATE page for information regarding supporting Loose Change and NOCET.

Loose Change currently pays for:

>  the rent of the house that NOCET is located in

>  all of the educational costs of the children and young adults NOCET supports

>  the salaries of the matron and nursery school teacher.

Sheryl has given presentations highlighting the work of Loose Change to various groups, and there have also been fund-raising events which have raised significant amounts of money. Some of this money was used to purchase a gas stove and cylinder, refrigerator, laptop and new bed in 2011–12.

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