Our project

Current project

The New Outlook Centre Tanzania provides full-time care for eight children, who, without us, would have no food, shelter, clothing or access to education and medical treatment. We also support 8 children in local primary and secondary schools by ensuring that their school fees and uniforms are paid for annually. Three attend college and 2014 sees our first student in university. Thirty children attend our Nursery School and Kinder, which employs a trained Nursery School Teacher; of them, half attend for free.

In 2011, through the generosity of our Australian sponsors, we relocated to a more suitable, secure house which also has electricity and running water. This house provides a comfortable home environment for the children.

Future plans

We hope to:

>  build, own and manage a drop-in centre for orphans and vulnerable children, as well as a vocational training school

>  facilitate the formation of a Community Child Care Committee

>  provision of legal aid to the children and widows/widowers

>  provide skills to widows and widowers for income generation

>  initiate a health and sex education program

>  establish a volunteer program.

I am the Nursery School/Kinder Teacher. Together we learn the basics as well as some English.


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